4 Ways Triangle Students Can Boost Chances for Scholarships

4 Ways Triangle Students Can Boost Chances for Scholarships

Incoming high school seniors in the Triangle soon will face the question of how to pay for college. Studies show that a college degree increases lifetime earnings by as much $1 million, so the time invested in college is well-spent. Still, higher education costs continue to rise, requiring students to intensify their search for scholarships. In the Triangle, students can turn to Scholarship Finder NC,  a local Apex NC search service that helps college-bound students find and apply for scholarships. 

Our team has compiled the following four tips to aid Triangle NC college-bound students:

  • Apply for smaller amounts: It may take just as much work to apply for smaller monies as it does for larger amounts, but it can prove worthwhile. Students who actively seek out smaller awards will be competing against fewer applicants, increasing their chances of success. Yes, it takes work, but the process will get easier and quicker as the student gains experience in the application process.
  • Be thorough: Sometimes it is the small details that make the difference. Students need to follow all the instructions in the application, provide all the requested information and make sure they apply before the deadline. It’s a good idea to have someone else review the application for completeness before it is submitted.
  • Write a great essay: Many scholarship applications require students to write an essay as part of the process. Students should search the internet for examples of winning essays. Questions often ask about an influential person in the student’s life or why the student wants to go to college. A great essay will reveal personal details and show how those relate to the question.
  • Use a scholarship service: High school seniors in the Triangle can get help understanding the mass of scholarships by working with Scholarship Finder NC. Our strategy streamlines the process by compiling lists of scholarships that match a student’s background, academics, interests and goals. Both large and small scholarships are included, as are local and regional awards.

With the start of the senior year just around the corner, get a jumpstart on scholarship applications by contacting ScholarshipFinderNC today. Our professionals will help you get started and stay with you through your entire search and application process.

Reach out today to get started. Call us at (919) 589-FIND.


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