4 Valuable Tips for Great Letters of Recommendation, from Scholarship Finder NC

It’s Thanksgiving week and all high school seniors around the Triangle are making important decisions about where to apply for college. Part of the process involves applying for scholarships and requesting letters of recommendation to accompany those applications. The professionals at Scholarship Finder NC in Apex, NC, know that asking for a recommendation isn’t always easy for teens, so we have put together a short list of tips to help seniors get the best possible letters.

Scholarship Finder NC offers four valuable tips that high school seniors should follow when seeking letters of recommendation:

  • Be courageous: Although it might seem intimidating to ask a teacher, boss, coach, pastor or volunteer coordinator for a recommendation, it’s a necessary step. Teens should remember that everyone they everyone they will ask probably has experience writing recommendations for students. It’s better to ask in person, but some students may find it simpler to ask by e-mail.
  • Include significant information: Students should include information about themselves, such as accomplishments, leadership positions, volunteer work and career goals. Anything which helps the writer know more about the student’s qualifications is helpful.
  • Scholarship specifics: In addition to information about the student, it’s key to include details about the scholarship itself and the organization making the award. This allows the writer to craft a letter that spells out how the student is a good fit for the particular scholarship.
  • Don’t delay: Not everyone can turn out a great letter of recommendation overnight. Request letters at least five or six weeks before they are due. The writer may have questions for the student or a busy schedule to work around.

Great recommendation letters increase a student’s chance of being awarded scholarships. Scholarship Finder NC is the Triangle’s local scholarship search service that helps students find financial resources for college. If you are a senior, or the parent of a senior, contact Scholarship Finder NC today to start the scholarship application process.

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