3 Important Actions to Help Triangle Students Earn College Scholarships

Triangle high school seniors are now a few weeks into their last year before college. This time next year many of them will be living in dorms, attending their first college classes, and meeting new people. Having funding in place for college as soon as possible helps ease that transition from high school to college. Scholarship Finder NC is one of the most trusted North Carolina sources for information on scholarships throughout the region. Students and their families trust Scholarship Finder NC to steer them toward the scholarship organizations with the best opportunities for the students.

SFNC suggests three actions that will place high school seniors ahead of the many others when applying for college scholarships:

• Start now: Late September and October are the perfect times to get a jump start on the scholarship process. Students can compile a list of their preferred colleges, compare costs and see what funding those schools provide. Those who start early have the best chance of meeting all the deadlines and turning in the best applications.
• Create a profile or resume: Scholarship organizations and college admission boards look at a student’s entire academic and extra-curricular career. The applicant needs to articulate in writing why he or she would be a good candidate for the scholarship. There are many online resources for writing a resume and school counselors may be able to help as well.
• Develop reminders: Seniors have a lot to track: college applications, reference letters, scholarship applications, testing dates, admission acceptances, plus all the normal high school classes and activities. There’s no excuse to miss a deadline with so many ways of setting up reminders. Students can use smart phones, a computer or tablet, or even a large wall calendar in the bedroom to track deadlines for college and scholarship applications as well as the progress of seeking reference letters from teachers, coaches and others.

Don’t head off to college without the proper funding in place. The professional staff at Scholarship Finder NC is experienced at helping Triangle students secure the money they need for college. Call Scholarship Finder NC today to take the first step.
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