4 Important Ways Students in the Triangle Benefit from Scholarships

Although students can pay for college by tapping into savings, doing part-time work, and applying for college loans, scholarships are by far the best way to complete college with less stress and challenge. There are thousands of scholarships available each year, and Triangle high school seniors will find it worthwhile to search out and apply for sources of college monies that do not have to be paid back. Many students in the Triangle turn to Scholarship Finder NC, a local scholarship search service in Apex that guides teens and their parents through the maze of college financing.

Scholarship Finder NC outlines four important advantages that college students and graduates receive with scholarships:

  • Lifetime earnings: Workers who graduate from college earn, on average, 70-80 percent more than those who only finish high school. Over a lifetime, that value can equal as much as $2.8 million. Scholarships help students reach their goal by ensuring they’ll have money to pay college expenses.
  • Stress reduction: College students have enough on their minds completing class assignments, writing papers and studying for finals. Scholarships help with some of the expenses that need to be covered. It is very stressful for students who try to work their way through college; they often have to take fewer classes each term, extending the time it takes to finish a degree.
  • Job search rehearsal: Applying for scholarships resembles a job search. Students must find scholarships that fit their interests and backgrounds, just as they would when applying for jobs. They need to be able to highlight their strengths and summarize their qualifications. They’ll find all those skills helpful once they graduate and enter the job market.
  • Career freedom: If scholarships finance much of a student’s education, the graduate leaves college with little or no debt. This graduate is free to take on jobs that might pay less but are more interesting for a career and the future. There also will be more cash available to put toward a home purchase or other lifelong goals.

High school seniors should be applying for scholarships right now. Parents should contact Scholarship Finder NC today to get started on finding that cash for college.

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