The Essential Playbook for College Scholarship Applications

School’s just around the corner for Triangle and Apex area students. High school seniors heading back to class will have more on their minds this year as they plan for college and the future. Besides touring colleges, they also will be filling out admission applications. To make college a reality, many Triangle students will rely on scholarships to pay college expenses. The local scholarship search firm and think tank, Scholarship Finder NC, has already helped many local students apply to and be selected for college scholarships. Our team offers below a checklist playbook that helps seniors stay on top of the scholarship hunt.

Local area high school seniors need to do a playbook when starting their scholarship search: 

  • Make decisions with schedules and deadlines: Deadlines for scholarship applications are firm. Successful scholarship recipients set aside time every week to work on applications, some of which will be due during the fall semester. Whether it’s a paper calendar on the wall or a smartphone reminder, students must keep to the plan of working on their applications every week.
  • Ask for references: It isn’t too early to ask teachers, coaches, counselors or others for recommendation letters. Students should talk to potential references about their willingness to write recommendations far in advance of deadlines. The writers will appreciate having plenty to time to craft their letters, rather than being rushed.
  • Maintain a solid GPA: As tempting as it is to relax during senior year, colleges and scholarship organizations will want to see student grades. Every student planning to attend college should maintain a high level of effort in all classes un. A falling GPA during senior year can jeopardize both admission and funding.
  • Seek professional guidance: Every year students and their families are the victims of scholarship scams that promise funding but don’t deliver. Students should be wary of any scholarship award that they didn’t apply for, or those that ask for credit card numbers or fees up front. One way to avoid being a scam victim is to work with a legitimate scholarship search firm and the high school’s counseling office.

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