5 Important Steps that Improve the College Funding Process


Students in the Triangle have found a reliable partner, Scholarship Finder NC (SFNC), in their search for college scholarships. The Apex NC based SFNC has created a five-step process to take much of the stress out of finding money for college. Students still will need to write essays and gather recommendation letters, but they’ll be better prepared for those tasks with the help of the professional staff at Scholarship Finder NC.

SFNC designed the following five-step process to provide parents and students with an effective strategy for searching out college scholarships: 

  • Personal evaluation: The process begins when an SFNC expert interviews both student and parents to learn critical details, such as the student’s interests, hobbies, volunteer work, extra-curricular activities and proposed area of study. This personal evaluation offers a detailed profile of the student.
  • Scholarship search: The detailed profile completed in the previous step creates a roadmap to determine which scholarships offer the best chance of success for the student. Instead of a student having to evaluate the thousands of scholarships available, SFNC conducts the research for the student.
  • Specialized list: Every student who works with Scholarship Finder NC will receive a personalized list of scholarships. With this prioritized list, students can focus their efforts on crafting the best possible applications.
  • Premium services: Families who sign up for our premium services receive updated scholarship lists, plus assistance with the federal student aid (FAFSA) application. The FAFSA is required by nearly all universities when students request financial aid.
  • Continuing support: Most students need financial help throughout college and our team continues to work with students throughout college. We also can help students meet deadlines for scholarship renewals or apply to new ones.

There is no need to be overwhelmed by the mass of scholarship requirements. Contact Scholarship Finder NC today and work with a partner who can help you find money for college.

Reach out and get started. Call us at (919) 589-FIND.


This important blog post about college expenses, scholarships, and applications is brought to you by the Scholarship Finder NC team headquartered in Apex, in the Triangle Region of North Carolina.


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