4 Unexpected Ways Scholarships Help Triangle College Students

Of course, scholarship money supports tuition, books, housing and other expenses, but there are many less-tangible benefits to being awarded a scholarship. Triangle area high school seniors will be busy the next few months in applying to college, writing application letters, seeking scholarships plus keeping up with their regular classes. In Apex, Cary, and the Triangle, many students and their families use Scholarship Finder NC to simplify their search for college funds.

Here are four ways scholarships help students both during and after college:

• Quickens progress: Students who work too many hours have less time and energy to devote to classwork. Any job requiring more than 20 hours a week could force students to enroll in fewer classes per semester, lengthening the time until graduation.
• Lessens stress: College students with sufficient funds for education can focus on their classes rather than worrying about paying for food, rent, books and other costs. Some scholarships allow students to use the funds to pay for travel to and from school, meaning they can travel home for holidays without asking their parents to foot the bill.
• Helps family finances: Parents want their children to succeed in college, but the costs can often be a major drain on family finances. Parents can help their college students in other ways if they don’t have to pay for all the college expenses because a scholarship covered tuition.
• Creates opportunities: Graduates who leave college without massive student debt, thanks to scholarship help, find they have the freedom to accept positions without having to always look at the bottom line of the paycheck. They’ll be able to save for a home, or car, or other priorities.

The professional staff at Scholarship Finder NC is persistent about helping local Triangle students find the money they need for college. If you are a high school junior or senior, or the parent of one, call us today to get started on the scholarship search. Don’t be overwhelmed by college costs or the scholarship maze. We’re here to help.
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