4 Key Reasons Triangle Students Trust Scholarship Finder NC

It was hard to miss the recent news of Hollywood celebrities charged with crimes in connection with falsifying information to get their children into elite colleges. This array of scandals has some local students questioning the fairness of the college admission process. If students and families are wondering where to turn for help with college, across the Triangle, they have a trustworthy source for scholarship advice and guidance in Apex, NC. Beginning with the expertise and ethics of its founder and staff, through its professional process; Scholarship Finder NC is the true and local student information center everyone can have confidence when seeking funds for their college education.

Here are just four of the reasons students and their parents trust Scholarship Finder NC: 

  • Founder Missy Van: Missy Van founded Scholarship Finder NC after helping her daughter through the maze of college sites. She is no stranger to web research, having spent a good part of the past 20-plus years as an accountant and entrepreneur, running a successful accounting firm, researching tax codes and businesses strategies for individuals and small businesses. She realized her research skills, database management background, and customer service knowledge could help other parents in the scholarship search.
  • Local business: Based right in Apex, Scholarship Finder NC can provide personalized service to match students to scholarships. Staff will talk with the student and parents via phone, text, video chat or in person to determine background, interests and other factors that will aid in the scholarship search.
  • No mass emails or scams: Students and their parents often get overwhelmed with emails from scholarship services, colleges and other groups, including scams from predatory companies. Scholarship Finder NC does not supply client emails to other organizations and will not send mass emails to clients.
  • Little to no cost: After interviewing a student, Scholarship Finder NC provides a free, targeted list of scholarships that are the best fit for that student. Additional services are offered for as little as $19 a month.

Don’t let the cost of a higher education dampen your dreams. If you are a high school junior or senior, or the parent of one, contact Scholarship Finder NC today to begin the process of funding college.

Reach out today to get started. Call us at (919) 589-FIND.


This important blog post about college expenses, scholarships, and applications is brought to you by the Scholarship Finder NC team headquartered in Apex, in the Triangle Region of North Carolina.


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