4 Important Suggestions for Coping with Scholarship Deadlines


Now that college-bound students have submitted their applications, they are ready to turn their attention to the scholarship search. Winter is a key time to search out and apply for college scholarships. It’s critical that students get scholarship applications filed on time. Scholarship Finder NC helps students stay on top of their applications, plus they provide important tips to help students track their own applications.

These four important suggestions from the Triangle’s Scholarship Finder NC will aid students in meeting scholarship deadlines:

  • Use lists and a calendar: Students should keep a list of all the scholarships they plan to apply for, along with the dates when those applications are due. They should prioritize the list with the earliest deadlines at the top. Key dates should be kept on a single calendar that the student will use frequently. It doesn’t matter if the calendar is paper or electronic, but all important dates should be marked.
  • Set smart phone reminders: Today’s smart phones have the ability to remind the user of a coming event. Students can set up alerts days or weeks in advance to prompt them to complete applications, ask for references or work on essays.
  • Plan enough time: Many successful people make appointments with themselves to work on important projects. Finding money for college requires dedicated work. Students should use their calendar to set aside a certain time each week to work on applications and look for new funding opportunities. This time is scheduled for scholarship work and isn’t available for other activities.
  • Use SFNC: Finally, students can take advantage of the professional resources of Scholarship Finder NC. SFNC clients receive a list of scholarships that are tailored to their interests and the schools where they applied. The premium service keeps profiles updated so students don’t miss qualifying for additional money.

Do you need help meeting deadlines for college scholarships? Contact Scholarship Finder NC today for valuable help in acquiring college funding. This Triangle-based scholarship search service will work with you throughout your college career.

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