4 Important Collegiate Actions for Triangle Area Students

It’s the middle of summer. College-bound students are enjoying the Triangle’s beautiful weather and summer activities; many of them unconcerned about their future. After all, it is only July. In a few short weeks, they’ll be immersed in the new school year. The professionals at Scholarship Finder NC have compiled four important suggestions for students who want to stay on top of college costs. We have a plan.

Every future college student needs to remember these four ideas:

• Keep applying: There are scholarship deadlines every month, including July and August. Future college students should consider scholarship applications as a part of their weekly routine, even in the summer. Scholarship Finder NC can direct students to their best options.
• Grades matter: Scholarship recipients should read the fine print. Minimum grade point averages may be required to continue to receive certain scholarships. Some awards will be renewed for subsequent years as long as the GPA meets the requirement. The diligent academic work that gets students into college will need to continue.
• Part-time work: A few hours a week at a part-time job can help close the gap between scholarship awards and college expenses. Many businesses have student jobs. Apex has thriving retail stores and eateries adjacent to NC 55 and historic downtown where students can earn some extra money. Tutoring businesses often hire future college students with aptitudes in English and math to tutor middle school students.
• Planning: Make sure students meet deadlines and requirements for renewable scholarships, and seek out new ones, if needed. As students gain knowledge of their subject areas, they’ll be able to target more directly the organizations that support students in their field of study.

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