4 Crucial Tasks for High School Seniors in the Triangle

Over the next month or so, Triangle area high school students will learn decisions about their college applications. The joy accompanying an acceptance letter easily can make those seniors forget that there are still many important tasks left to do before graduation. Scholarship Finder NC helps students stay on track as they approach the last months of high school. As acceptance letters arrive, students can ease the transition to college by staying on top of academic tasks.

Our team offers four crucial tasks that are vital to ensuring students enter college set for success: 

  • Prepare for finals and/or advanced placement exams: The last semester of high school is no time to ease up on academic work. Passing advanced placement exams will allow students to gain college credit for courses they took in high school and enable them to enroll in more advanced classes. Finals may seem unimportant, but the last semester grades are required by many universities.
  • Arrange for final transcripts: As mentioned above, universities will be receiving copies of the students’ senior year transcripts. Students should make sure the transcripts will be sent to universities rather than assuming a counselor will do it for them.
  • Budgeting: Students and their parents should make up a budget for college and verify that financial resources are in place, such as scholarships and financial aid. If there is a shortfall, it’s time to plan for how to make up the difference, whether that means taking out student loans, or a part-time job for the student.
  • Scholarship applications: Even though fall is the prime scholarship application season, many organizations have rolling deadlines for applications. It’s important to continue applying for scholarships throughout the year.

Going off to college is both exciting and stressful for young students. Paying for college may feel like a huge burden. It is important to note that Scholarship Finder NC relieves some of that burden by helping families find resources tailored to their student. Contact Scholarship Finder NC today to begin the process of funding a college education for your son or daughter.

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