3 Tips from the Scholarship Reference Playbook

In the Triangle, Scholarship Finder NC helps scholarship candidates with their search to find funding for college. Our local, experienced professional staff advises students this is the time to start asking teachers, counselors, coaches, and other professionals for letters of recommendation. These necessary and important letters help scholarship committees learn more about applicants, and why a student
would be a good candidate for the award. It’s important that students identify which people are the best qualified act as references.

Students should keep these three important tips in mind when asking for letters of recommendation:

• Knowledge base: All those who provide letters of recommendation should have significant knowledge of the student’s work, character, leadership, talents and other qualities. A teacher, counselor or coach, who has known the student through all four years of high school, would be a better reference than someone who has only taught the student for one semester.
• Qualifications: Scholarship applications usually ask for academic references. The letters need to provide details about a student’s achievements, work habits and strengths. Although a recommendation letter from the school principal may look impressive, that person may not have the detailed information that makes a good letter of recommendation.
• Non-academic sources: Not all references have to be from teachers. Students with volunteer experience, part-time jobs or non-school sports, arts, debate or other activities can seek out recommendations from their supervisors, coaches or instructors. These letters can provide insights into a student’s work habits outside of the classroom.

The process of getting letters of recommendation is a key part of the scholarship search. Make your search easier by contacting the professional staff at Scholarship Finder NC. They are dedicated to helping Triangle students secure the money they need for college. Call Scholarship Finder NC today to begin your search.

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