3 Summer Activities that can Help Triangle Students Prepare for College

success finding scholarshipsThe school year is winding down in the Triangle; high school students are getting ready for their summer break. Students looking to build their strongest applications for college scholarships should consider using the summer months to their advantage. When students are ready to embark on the college application process, certain summertime activities can be used to bolster scholarship applications. In the Triangle, Scholarship Finder NC helps students use their unique experiences to complete strong scholarship applications.

Here are three activities for students that can boost chances for winning scholarships:

• Summer jobs: College-bound students are busy during the school year with their studies, sports and clubs. Summers offer an opportunity for students to earn money for college and demonstrate their aptitude for hard work. Additionally, some supervisors may be willing to provide letters of recommendation for scholarship applicants.
• Internships: Although internships are very competitive, the time spent will prove valuable to students. An internet search for “summer internships for high school students” in Raleigh returns information on several local opportunities. As with the summer job, internship supervisors can provide valuable letters of recommendation for students. High school guidance counselors may be able to help students in their internship search.
• Volunteering: Every experience working with people or learning new skills contributes to a student’s resume. Community service organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross, food banks, and many faith-based groups, can use teen volunteers. Students find their time with such groups teach valuable skills about working with others and provide real-life experience about community needs.

Summer is a great time to gather experiences that will improve college scholarship applications. The staff at Scholarship Finder NC can help you use those experiences to build the best possible applications. Contact us today to begin the process of funding college.
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