3 Levels of Professional Guidance that Help Find Scholarships

College-bound students in the Triangle are now waiting for acceptance letters to find out where they’ll be heading in the fall. They are also busily putting together scholarship applications to help pay those schools. Scholarship Finder NC provides the personalized attention that many students need to keep their scholarship search on track. SFNC’s three-tiered service offers different levels of help, depending on an individual student’s needs.

Students and their families find that one of our three levels of service is just right for any need: 

  • Standard: At the Standard level, the SFNC experts will have a personal conversation with the student and parents to gather all necessary information. SFNC then searches for the best scholarships for that student and provides a personalized one-time list of scholarships. There is no cost for this service.
  • Premium: At the Premium level, students will receive updated lists from SFNC. Each applicant also will receive a phone call to discuss detailed information that may help him or her qualify for a specific scholarship. SFNC also works with local businesses and groups to create new scholarships for specific students. In addition, students become eligible to attend financial wellness classes to teach them how to budget their money while in college. This service is $19 per month and the most popular plan.
  • Platinum: The Platinum level includes all the services listed above plus it helps to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and student loan applications. This service is $29 per month. There are discounts for the Premium and Platinum services for those who sign up for an entire year.

Parents, if there is a high school senior in the house, get important help in the scholarship search. Reduce the stress level by calling Scholarship Finder NC today. Our experienced and professional staff will turn the maze of scholarship options into an organized and streamlined route to college funding success.

Reach out today to get started. Call us at (919) 589-FIND.


This important blog post about college expenses, scholarships, and applications is brought to you by the Scholarship Finder NC team headquartered in Apex, in the Triangle Region of North Carolina.


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