Premium Services



A one-time search for scholarships and identifying the ones for which you qualify based on your profile. All the features of the STANDARD option plus:

a. Continuous searches for scholarships that fit applicants profile.

b. Each family (applicant or parent) receives a phone call to discuss detailed information that may help an applicant qualify for a specific scholarship.

c. We work with local businesses and other entities to help create scholarships for which you would qualify.

d. Ongoing monitoring of scholarships and profile updates so you don’t miss qualifying for any additional money. This service can extend throughout the entire school life, both high school and college. Many upper classmen qualify for scholarships, but never apply.

e. You automatically become eligible to attend the financial wellness classes given on a quarterly basis. These classes are meant to teach students how to govern spending while in college.

All the features of the Premium plan plus:

a. Assistance in completing FAFSA

b. Help completing student loan application

FREE $19 per Month
( $190 yearly gets you 2 months free )
$29 per Month
( $290 yearly gets you 2 months free )